CO-OPERATIVE Partnerships

I firmly believe that together, we are stronger. That by amplifying one another’s strengths and bringing our talents together, we are all more effective in business. I believe that when women feel more empowered to elevate their own lives and take actions, they do so in the best interest of their communities and the greater impact they are able to make.

Being a Live Well, Live Free Co-Operative Partner means that you also believe in celebrating women, and the power of collaboration over competition. Co-Operative Partners offer products, services, courses, or resources that support women in attaining their next goal forward, more confidently, whether that be in times of crisis, or success. There is a diverse community of Co-Operative Partners coming together, so if you feel like you have something important to contribute, let’s connect!

Co-Operative Partnership Memberships currently range from $50-$5000 per year depending on the membership level that’s right for you. We’ll discuss your business goals and how we can work together for success when we connect on the phone.

Co-Operative Membership Benefits:

Participation in online or in person pop-up shops/events hosted by Live Well, Live Free.

Social Media promotion of our business collaborations through Live Well, Live Free social media.

Landing Page for your business and our collaborations featured on .

Video interview or teaching segment featuring you and your business on our website, and YouTube channel.

Referral Partnership Program to earn free essential oils and diffusers for your business.

25% Wholesale Discount on doTERRA Essential Oils and your own account to order online.*

*(Only applies if you do not already have a doTERRA account.)

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