Smartest Start: Enrollment Kits

Everyone starts with one essential oil.

When you choose to start with doTERRA essential oils as part of your natural lifestyle, it may seem reasonable to start with one or two oils and slowly build a collection as you learn.

From personal experience, and the many people I’ve helped start with a doTERRA wholesale account, I suggest starting with any of the enrollment kits below. Have faith that you will fall deeper in love with the oils, company and lifestyle as you go, and choosing a collection to start will save you money, increase your knowledge, and help you reach a new level if wellness faster.

Not only will you save more than 25% on these kits, but the $35 enrollment fee is also waived. In addition, many of the kits include free spending credit to use on future orders. Cha-ching!

Start your account now by JOINING doTERRA here

(Then you’ll also have direct access to me, and our private Live Well, Live Free Family group!)

Choose your kit and start your account now by JOINING doTERRA here. It’s that easy!

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