Essential Oils

     Our family began using essential oils in 2014, mostly for non-toxic cleaning, as I was preparing to be a first-time mom. When I expanded my knowledge and decided to bring a doTERRA Starter Kit into our home, the results we experienced totally changed our lives. My skin cleared up, I lost weight easily… my husband’s knees and feet felt better than they had in a long time… my digestion improved, and I had tools to help manage my mood. Ya. All of that in just the first few weeks. Of course, my mind was blown, so I dove in and devoured all the essential oils education I could. Now essential oils have been our primary tool for health care, self care and home care for almost six years. We have had some truly incredible success since bringing doTERRA into our home, and I feel passionately about empowering you with these amazing oils, too.

Here are the resources I offer to help you become the essential oil expert in your home:

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