Part 2: Emotional Healing for Women with Kathryn Fehr of Lean In Therapeutics

Get involved, and tell us in the comments how this video relates to your healing journey. Katy and I discuss the day-to-day acts of healing, and the habits we can incorporate to re-wire our brains and bodies to continue ahead to a more healed, peaceful state. For support on your journey, we discuss many ofContinue reading “Part 2: Emotional Healing for Women with Kathryn Fehr of Lean In Therapeutics”

Celebrating Wellness Leaders!

Today, I’m celebrating these hard-working mothers. Each of them joined doTERRA years ago, and now with tons of essential oils experience under their belt, and a renewed focus for helping more people, they are succeeding! CONGRATULATIONS to these amazing, inspiring women! Jainisha Shaw (New Mexico) hit a new highest volume to date in November, isContinue reading “Celebrating Wellness Leaders!”

Seasonal Meditative Cooking with Soul Child

This was so much fun! And I’m craving these Morrocan Carrot Fries again SOON! Sweet potato, quinoa, black bean topped with essential oil- infused Lemon Rosemary Mayo and served with essential oil- infused Moroccan style Carrot Fries. DELICIOUS! My good friend Victoria Murray owns Soul Child in New Jersey and we’re coming together to cookContinue reading “Seasonal Meditative Cooking with Soul Child”

Gratitude is everything.

This Thanksgiving I hope you spent time being present with yourself, and your loved ones. I hope you can let go of any stress or sadness, and allow yourself to fill up with gratitude for everything good in your life. The more attention we give to the the parts of our lives we are grateful for, the peopleContinue reading “Gratitude is everything.”


Today, being 11/11, I felt inspired to share how I’ve used mindful manifestation to create a whole new, happier, healthier, more beautiful life for myself and my family in Colorado, in just the year following the breakdown of our home and family in New Mexico. Throughout the LWLF blog I share pieces and stories ofContinue reading “MANIFESTATION”

The Etsy Shop is LIVE!

This winter season, I’m feeling crafty! Live Well, Live Free can now be found on Etsy. All of the products I make are made with 100% CLEAN, SIMPLE ingredients, including herbs and plants from my garden. Gift Wrapping will be included with most product bundles, and they’re designed for holiday gifting! Let me know ifContinue reading “The Etsy Shop is LIVE!”

BIG Announcement!

Back in 2017, in small town New Mexico, I opened a shop. A tiny little shop, about 8’x8’ in a weekend marketplace. I wanted a space to teach essential oil classes, and sell products I liked made by local artisans. My doTERRA business is direct shipment from doTERRA to the customer, so filling big shelvesContinue reading “BIG Announcement!”