November Diffuser Blends

Set the mood and intention in your space. Purify indoor air pollutants for a clean smelling environment that supports your respiratory system, immune function, brain and lowers stress levels. I would love to hear your favorite of these blends, or your experience if you’re diffusing any of these essential oils for the first time. Remember,Continue reading “November Diffuser Blends”

October Diffuser Blends

It’s the season of pumpkin everything, scented candles, and cuddling up. Did you know that the fragrances, chemicals and waxes of scented candles can cause respiratory issues, and increases the indoor air pollutants level in your home? In fact indoor air pollutants from synthetic fragrances is not the leading cause of respiratory issues, and farContinue reading “October Diffuser Blends”

Pumpkin Butter Recipe with Essential Oils

For the full printable recipe, and lots of other delicious essential oil infused recipes, visit: Made with natural ingredients, pumpkin butter is a fall-flavored treat that is sure to please. This recipe combines the rich flavors of Ginger, Cinnamon, and Clove oils. All three oils have different benefits when taken internally: Cinnamon maintains theContinue reading “Pumpkin Butter Recipe with Essential Oils”

BIG Announcement!

Back in 2017, in small town New Mexico, I opened a shop. A tiny little shop, about 8’x8’ in a weekend marketplace. I wanted a space to teach essential oil classes, and sell products I liked made by local artisans. My doTERRA business is direct shipment from doTERRA to the customer, so filling big shelvesContinue reading “BIG Announcement!”

Emotional Healing and First Steps for Women

This interview with Katy was so helpful, and I know it’s a message so many other women need to hear. There’s a rising up happening, there’s healing in the works, and more needed ahead for ourselves and our children. Please share this video with the strong women in your life, and let us know whatContinue reading “Emotional Healing and First Steps for Women”

My ______ Testimony

  (Picture of me, 2008, pre-natural lifestyle.) **This is my personal testimony, with the natural remedies used, removed to comply with FDA guidelines, since they do not support natural health options.**   ____________… it has saved me, and everyday I see more testimonies from others who are free from anxiety and depression now. Starting inContinue reading “My ______ Testimony”