In 2013 my wellness journey truly began. After years of  numbing myself with food, drugs, drinks, unhealthy people, negative attitudes, and a general punk rock attitude, health issues were beginning to emerge more frequently.

I took a friend’s advice and went to see a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, after feeling like traditional western doctors were missing the connection and natural options I was after, and had a history of quickly misdiagnosing me, and giving me prescriptions that never really solved problems.

After just a few weeks of appointments and herbs, I was feeling better and was soon pregnant, which is something I hadn’t thought was possible. That experience opened a whole new world.

Since 2013, I’ve been leading our family to convert to a more natural, mindful lifestyle. Along the way we’ve introduced hundreds of people to the benefits of modern natural living, and built wonderful friendships and community. We love God, essential oils, and designing a life that allows us to serve our world better.


Live Well, Live Free is a wellness business and natural lifestyle community for everyone seeking to be their best, naturally. It has taken years to find the products, people and attitudes that have we can trust to be ethical, sustainable and positive. Live Well, Live Free strives to provide a comprehensive picture of modern natural living.

Live Well, Live Free provides three main services and products:

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