Balsam Fir Essential Oil

Balsam Fir

Abies balsamea

Balsam Fir essential oil is exclusively offered to Loyalty Rewards Program members December 1-15, 2020. doTERRA’s Balsam Fir essential oil is sourced from trees in Canada, and the essential oil is created using a unique circular distillation process, similar to Arborvitae, which uses less water than traditional methods, creates electricity for the distillery to run, as sustainable process.

As you would expect, Balsam Fir smells like a Christmas tree! This earthy, evergreen aroma, to me smells similar to Siberian Fir but less sharp, similar to Douglas Fir but less sweet, and somewhat like Cedarwood. Historically, Native Americans have used balsam fir for a variety of ritual and wellness purposes. Today, it is often used for its brilliant aroma. It produces an enlivened, bright, fresh atmosphere and can transform any environment into a welcoming, sanctuary. Diffuse Balsam Fir throughout your home to experience its majestic aroma.

Balsam Fir can be used aromatically in a diffuser, room sprays, on diffuser ornaments or jewelry, as a surface cleaner, or simply place a drop into cupped hands and inhale deeply. Balsam Fir can also be used topically by combining with a carrier oil and rubbed into the area of focus, added to this Bath Bombs recipe, making a Soothing Salve, or added to an Epsom Salt Bath. Balsam Fir is not used internally.

Balsam Fir Top Uses:

Respiratory Health to open airways and sooth coughing

Calming to the nervous system, good to diffuse day or night

Cleansing Properties for skin care. Balsam Fir is in the Amavi Fortifying Blend and Men’s Collection

Cleansing Properties for the home, perfect for holiday cleaning, home spray, or fabric refresher

Soothing sore muscles, tension, and pre and post-workout for muscle recovery.

Relieve head tension by rubbing on the temples, forehead, back of neck.

Improve Cellular Health for longevity, vitality and healthier duplication.

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