Today, being 11/11, I felt inspired to share how I’ve used mindful manifestation to create a whole new, happier, healthier, more beautiful life for myself and my family in Colorado, in just the year following the breakdown of our home and family in New Mexico. Throughout the LWLF blog I share pieces and stories of the series of events in my history, but the one thing that has turned it all around, has been the belief that something else IS possible. The belief that I have the power and the divine support to feel joy, purpose, and connection, by manifesting a better reality for myself. We can each write new endings to our own stories through the ever present power of manifestation.

In 2020, which has undoubtedly been one of the most challenging years in our history, my family is thriving, and I’ve never been more solid in who I am. This past year, with full faith in God, I have manifested an ideal job, a beautiful dream home, living in our perfect part of the world, new family friends, new business partners, and most recently in the last few months, $10,000.

Would you like to manifest any of those things? What do YOU desire? How do you want to FEEL living each day? I really would love to hear your dreams in the comments section ❤

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