October Diffuser Blends

It’s the season of pumpkin everything, scented candles, and cuddling up. Did you know that the fragrances, chemicals and waxes of scented candles can cause respiratory issues, and increases the indoor air pollutants level in your home? In fact indoor air pollutants from synthetic fragrances is not the leading cause of respiratory issues, and far exceeds the risk of outdoor air pollutants.

Naturally, we have an healthy alternative that will satisfy your autumn scent cravings!

Keep your diffusers going all season to sanitize the air, boost health, and give your space that cozy autumn feeling. Add 5-10 drops of essential oils to your cool diffuser a few times per day. Remember, heating essential oils in a wax burner damages their efficacy, so stick with your cool water diffuser. Try these autumn inspired diffuser blends, and let us know which is your favorite!

If you need to get a diffuser and essential oils, you’ve found the right place! Buy oils here.

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