BIG Announcement!

Back in 2017, in small town New Mexico, I opened a shop. A tiny little shop, about 8’x8’ in a weekend marketplace. I wanted a space to teach essential oil classes, and sell products I liked made by local artisans. My doTERRA business is direct shipment from doTERRA to the customer, so filling big shelves with small bottles, just wasn’t smart, or within my budget. 

So, first I called a really cool metal and gemstone jewelry artist, who made inspirational pieces that fit with my positive messaging. Drishti Handmade was an incredible first partner, who was happy to work with me! I put together a wish list of all my favorite items from their website, and they put together the inventory for me. They even created some custom phrase pieces that could only be found at my shop. The initial inventory didn’t cost me anything, just honest accounting moving forward. Another artist made amazing little stuffies, and was happy to sell them in my shop. Since her products were made with wool yarn, every piece could also be a simple essential oil stuffy for kids or grown-ups, making them even easier for me to sell to my customer base. Another artist, STR Designs, makes chic, high-quality bags that can be used for anything, so they obviously work well to carry essential oils on the go. She let me pick the sizes, styles and patterns of the pieces I wanted to carry in my shop.

The shelves were stocked, the word was out, and my tiny Live Well, Live Free Boutique was open.

Rent at the Church Street Market was super low, and on a month-to-month basis, so my initial investment and risk was basically non-existent. I met the owners of Church Street Market, Diana & Clay Williams, at a networking event in the area, just a month or two before opening, while I was actually in the process of looking at larger commercial spaces near my home in the city. The small marketplace they created continues to serve as a retail and connection need in the community, offering opportunities for small businesses to get started. Because I dreamed bigger, and was taking action on that path, God provided the perfect connections, at the perfect time, for an easy “Yes!” opportunity, that turned out to be much better than what I intended.

The tiny shop was a fun space for friends and customers to stop in and chat. I made custom blends for people’s specific needs, and the beautiful products I sold made great holiday gifts. After a couple months I upgraded to a larger 10’ x 11’ shop, and we hosted small workshops for DIY projects and classes for healthy mindset, essential oils, home health, and healing services by local practitioners. I made new connections in friendship and business, and learned more about entrepreneurship. The tiny shop didn’t make me rich, though. It earned enough to pay the shop’s rent, pay for my gas there, and maybe the cookies I’d buy from the tiny bakery next door. However, the experience elevated my life so much, and because I used doTERRA in everything for the shop, the connections I made are still benefiting me financially today. We continue to share our love of essential oils, and I provide positive value to their lives, because of the time we spent in that tiny shop.

Now, three years later, I have learned SO much more, and my life has been SERIOUSLY elevated. My “local” online community is filled with some BADASS CREATORS and CHANGE-MAKERS. 

I’m here to announce that the tiny shop concept is going BIG!

I am bringing all of these amazing women together to offer products, programs, community resources, health services, and all the REAL tools women need to ELEVATE their current situation, WHATEVER it may be.  As a Co-Operative resource, together we help women rise.

Change starts with each of us, and it WILL be hard, so we are coming together to bring the knowledge women need to most optimally navigate the choices we face, with professional women who have BEEN THERE. 

When we empower each other, and come together, we RISE.

I am inviting each of you now to follow my Facebook Page @OilsLiveWellFree, and my website at I know many people are wanting to spend less time on social media, and I support that, so connecting to my website now will ensure you have the news on the latest resources and partnerships in the Live Well, Live Free Co-Operative.

The expansion of Live Well, Live Free is intended to help women, help women, so if you are an empowered woman with a service, expertise, or program to help women succeed, let’s connect! 

If you are a friend, sister, daughter, teacher, or otherwise who wants to help other women in your life, let’s connect now. 

If you are seeking community with positive, personal growth-minded, health focused women who support one another, let’s CONNECT.

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