Mother to mother, will you listen?

These oils saved my baby.
Becoming a mother six years ago led me to seek a more natural lifestyle, and along the way, I found doTERRA.

doTERRA Global Convention 2015. Salt Lake City, UT. Photo with Emily Wright, doTERRA Founding Executive.
Copy of 20150911_184551
2015 doTERRA Global Convention. Photo with Dr. David Hill, Founding Executive.

I dove into aromatherapy education learning more about our bodies, and was FASCINATED at how I now had an oil for any problem that came up in our family. Both physical ailments, and emotional wounds. By the time my youngest son was born, I was already well versed in essential oils, so when he got very sick with respiratory illnesses at just five weeks old, I went full out with supporting his tiny body to heal itself. I was told to prepare for three weeks in the hospital with him, almost as long as he’d been outside of my womb. There were no medications or instant treatments that could heal him, just suction and oxygen.

December 23, 2016.

I never left him. I prayed, sang hymns, nursed him, kissed him, monitored his breathing, learned how to do the deep suctioning with the nurses, diffused essential oils in his hospital room, massaged oils onto his soft newborn skin throughout each day, and then… he got better. Quickly. After just four days in the hospital, he was back home breathing clearly on his own.


My baby was the youngest, and one of the sickest respiratory patients in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit his first Christmas, and was also the fastest to be released. I was able to save my son from a lot of trauma, extended health issues, and save our family a ton of money in medical bills.


Mothers, this is why I advocate for doTERRA, and I won’t stop. I know what they’ve done for my children, and for me, and if they can do even a fraction of that for you, your lives will all be better for it. If I can help save someone you love, I feel like I need to spread that message to as many people as will listen.



Will you listen?
Could you open up to the idea of something simple and safe, yet powerfully effective?

I’m a teacher by nature, and Thursday nights at 7pm MST, I invite you to join my class to learn how simply we use essential oils every day.

Will you listen?
Would you like an invitation?

Get a free sample of the oils I use, and an invitation here:


💜 Jen


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