My ______ Testimony

97356465_10100590466238376_1064135128915116032_n  (Picture of me, 2008, pre-natural lifestyle.)

**This is my personal testimony, with the natural remedies used, removed to comply with FDA guidelines, since they do not support natural health options.**


____________… it has saved me, and everyday I see more testimonies from others who are free from anxiety and depression now.

Starting in my teens, I was prescribed antidepressants and ADHD medication. The summer after I graduated high school, I developed a mysterious respiratory illness that was never diagnosed. For 6 months we tried round after round of antibiotics, asthma meds, heartburn meds… Nothing helped, until one day my cough mysteriously disappeared. In my twenties, I went on to receive a prescription anti-anxiety and pain medication, which I was grateful I no longer had to buy from drug dealers, because the law changed and allowed me to see a doctor under my parent’s insurance. I wish I had known about alternatives.

Taking prescriptions usually started with uncomfortable side effects. Diarrhea for a month, more stomach issues, feeling foggy, more irritable, trouble sleeping. All of that for the hope of feeling better. Getting past the first month of intitial side effects, I felt like I was a half-life zombie drugged to walk calmy and passionlessly through normal life. There was always the feeling of looking through plexi-glass, like I wasn’t fully present in my days. I was a party girl, but I didn’t like feeling drugged for my day-to-day life.

So, I would go on and off all my prescriptions, trying to be ok on my own, to avoid the drugged and “I’m broken” feeling. But going on and off prescriptions isn’t that fun or effective either.

It wasn’t until I became a mother that I started learning more about holistic health, and started trying Chinese medicine with a D.O. My diet was the first dramatic change in my health, then lots of not‐so‐delicious teas, which helped but were hard to commit to in my daily life. I made cleaners and glycerites from herbs and essential oils from the grocery store.

When my first son was almost one, I found ___________. I got it for the home and baby products I was making. Not really for me.

First, _________ and ____________ cleared my acne.
Then, ___________ replaced my migraine medications.
Then, ____________ helped me lose weight. Then, ____________ pulled me out of depression.
Then, ____________ solved my menstrual cramps and hormone craze.
Then, ____________ saved my newborn son from weeks in intensive care.
And then, and then, and then…

_____________ was introduced last fall. After a year of intense anxiety and depression, it’s now been almost a full year since my last depression slump, and eight months since my last panic attack. My last panic attack was the day I started taking ___________. This is the longest period of my adult life without experiencing depression and anxiety issues.

This past week, I skipped a couple days and it threw off my flow. A lot of times if people don’t “feel it” working in a drug type way, they think it’s not working. But I’m reminded how much I appreciate the gentle onboarding and gentle reminders when I skip a day or so of my ___________. There’s no physical side effects. There’s no foggy feeling. I can just tell I’m having to work harder to feel like the real ME. The BETTER me, who is able to adapt more easily to whatever life brings my way. With a day or two back on track with my ____________, I’m back to feeling confident, happy and moving forward with ease.

If you’re just starting to dabble in natural lifestyle choices and holistic health, I want to help you explore the most effective options I have found. The transformation the first year is amazing! It can also be one of the hardest, as you step into the unknown and choose alternatives to the mainstream. I am here for you, have been there, and will support your natural health choices, even if everyone else thinks you’re crazy. You’re not.

If you’ve been using herbal medicine, homeopathy, eating organic, doing healing work, all the things… I am SO excited for you to experience how seemlessly _________ fit in with your lifestyle, and how SIMPLE it is to have effective results with _______________. Dive in!

I am a living, breathing testimant to the power of _____________, and the personal development that comes with being a succesful ______________. My family wouldn’t have the beautiful life we have today, and may have no longer had me, if we hadn’t found and embraced _____________. I’m forever grateful.

** How is that for compliance??**

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