Choosing a Different Story…


Why do people resent happiness? We all want it, and yet some people block it so damn hard. They mock people who are happy, and hold tight to their negative shit like it’s their reason for being.

If you are one of these people. Start looking in the mirror more, focusing on loving yourself, and speaking gratitude out loud for every last drop of your life.

If you know someone like this, give them grace. Lead by your light, not by judgement, and have out loud gratitude for every last drop of YOUR life.

My life, especially this past year, has NOT been easy. 

The last few weeks alone have been a shit show I haven’t even shared.

Still, I CHOOSE to see the GOOD everyday. 

I spent too many years denying God’s presence because things didn’t go as I hoped or planned. 

Lesson learned, I’m full of gratitude, and I’m not going backwards. 

Every day I have to manage roaring, shaking anxiety as I move forward where I’m led. This anxiety now persists in a more physical form because I’ve rewired my brain to avoid those looping negative thoughts. Healing takes time, and progress happens one step at a time.

Do I focus on my “illness” a lot? 


Instead I focus on what I’m doing to maintain my PEACE, minimize stress, and making sure I’m taking care of myself kindly. A giant part of that is CHOOSING to see the good things coming together in my life. Having deep, unshakeable faith knowing that God has massive plans for me as soon as I let go and allow him to work in me and through me.

So if anyone thinks my life is all easy peasy, sunshine and rainbows, that’s only because that’s what I choose to amplify and give energy to in my life. I’ve handled really hard, traumatic shit from childhood all the way through to this week, and you know what I’ve learned? 


I’ve already faced so many of my biggest fears, so I know that I can make it through anything.

That’s worth celebrating and saying “Thank you.”

I process my shit, find the lesson, apply it, and keep on growing. Rinse. Repeat.

I choose to be happy, alive, appreciating the experiences I’m given, and enjoying my unfolding story.

LET GO OF THE BULLSHIT. We get to live this life once, so let’s ENJOY it!

Identify your patterns, get through the blocks and allow yourself to OPEN UP to the FLOOD of blessings that have already been assigned for you. And if people poo-poo on your happy train, trust that they’re on their own path, and your train is chugging along without them.

Chooo! Choooooo!!!

❤ Jen

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