Letting Go.. Continuously


At each new point in my journey, I receive new clarity, drudge up “new” old stuff I didn’t realize still needed healing, and have a renewed feeling of peace in trusting the process of letting it go. Not forgetting, but releasing the emotional hold, and making peace with how the past influenced my life. God is faithful, and I wish I had known then that He was there with me all those years.

Anyone else cleansing, or working towards clearing out some old ideas that no longer serve you?

Try these oils in your emotional healing…

Forgive Renewing blend= RELEASE. LET GO of anger, frustration, worry, doubt, all negative thoughts.

Balance Grounding blend= GROUNDED. SAFE. Have solid footing emotionally here.

Peace Reassuring Blend= Be at PEACE with the situation. Trust that God is there with you, and will be always.


Need to get some oils? DON’T go to the grocery store! Visit my doTERRA site to shop, or join as a Wholesale Customer for education, support and a discount!

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